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School History

history8.jpg (69198 bytes)In collaboration with government policy for the development and promotion of secondary education, the Po Leung Kuk started planning for a secondary school way back in the sixties.  In 1967, a 50,000 sq. ft. site was allocated to the Kuk and the foundation stone was laid on 12th January, 1968.

Being the first secondary school set up by the Kuk, the school was named Po Leung Kuk C.F.A. No.1 College and has been the keystone for the development of other schools of the Kuk.

history7.jpg (66296 bytes)With the much appreciated assistance of Po Leung Kuk No.4 Primary School which kindly offered the No.1 College classroom space, the College began to operate 12 classes from F.1 to F.3 in September, 1971 before the official establishment of its school premises.  A year later, the modernly-equipped school premises were completed.   On 21st February, 1973, with HE the Governor, Sir Murray MacLehose officiating at the Official Opening Ceremony, the school came into being.

In 1988, air-conditioning facilities were installed in all the classrooms and special rooms of the school, freeing the students from the assaults of the nearby noisy traffic and construction works, as well as providing them with a quiet and cool learning environment.

history6.jpg (47856 bytes)In 1994, with the generous donation from The W.H.Cheung Fund, the school environment is further upgraded, which serves to raise the school's educational competence.  The school hall is installed with air-conditioning facilities, while the whole school premises, including the classrooms, receive a total face lift, forming a milestone in the school's development.  And as an act of remembrance for the late Mr. Cheung Wing Hing and his contribution to the school, the school is renamed Po Leung Kuk No.1 W.H.Cheung College.